What is a DDoS attack?
Why should we protect them and why is it not so complicated in ProgInter?
Did you know what would happen when your website faced an unusual rise in activity? A DDoS attack can take effect in a matter of seconds / minutes and its result can be devastating.
An attacker has one goal in mind and is to disrupt your websites.
DDoS attacks are increasing every year and many business owners are being hurt, the trick is to block and monitor the attack before it reaches you. With ProgInter's solution the website and your business can be protected against DDoS attacks.
ProgInter has developed a protection system that deals sophisticated attacks.
Our protection system keeps you up at large attack times and does not transfer the attack to your server.
Our solution is included in all our packages!
DDoS Attack Map
There are a lots of attacks every second
Our DDoS Protection
What do we protect and what do we provide in addition?
DDoS Protection TCP
DDoS Protection UDP
DDoS Protection ICMP
DDoS Protection HTTP/S
DDoS Protection XML-RPC
DDoS Protection Joomla
DDoS Protection Post
DDoS Protection Get
Unlimited Attacks On Your Website
Protection On All Ports Attack
The Protection Is Strengthened Every Day
Protect Layer 3 / 4 / 7 Attacks
Up to 220Gbps DDoS Protection
180mpps UDP & TCP Protection
DDoS Protection
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How does the DDoS protection work?
What are we protected from, what does it involve and how does it work?
Our DDoS protections are strong and stable
Our DDoS protections are strong and stable
Our DDoS protections are strong and stable and are capable of dealing with very strong attacks. The attack can reach huge proportions and you will not feel at all attacked. We treat every DDoS attack as a powerful attack, and give all defense capabilities without underestimating the attack and its capabilities. We are aware of the low costs of the attack and know that the danger exists all the time. Do not worry, we'll protect you. With us you can go to bed with a quiet mind.
Protection from all existing layers
Protection from all existing layers
We provide protection against attacks in layers 3 / 4 / 7. The protection is divided into several parts: attack detection, attack analysis, attack verification and attack block.
The steps are done wisely and with the understanding that there is legitimate traffic that should not be blocked, which includes both people and search engines. The protection system analyzes the attack to the point of complete identification and taking measures.
We provide you a DDoS protection at no additional charge, on all existing packages. The protection is unlimited in attack size or quantity.
No more afraid of DDoS
No more afraid of DDoS
From now on you can host your website or server without fear of DDoS attacks. Your web hosting is protected all the time and is behind smart and advanced protection systems.
The fear of DDoS attacks was natural and understandable, even the protection against them were expensive and not always beneficial.
So we have built a unique solution for you that will help you be stronger and more protected against your competitors and those who want to down your site..
How are we different?
Some of the qualities that make us stand out from others
Without interruption to search engines
Without interruption to search engines
With ProgInter, the protection system does not interfere with the search engines entering your website like other companies.
Our protection system works in a friendly way and does not feel it at all.
Without waiting time at the opening
Without waiting time at the opening
With ProgInter, there is no waiting time at the opening of your website.
Your website will be protected and uninterrupted by search engines and surfers.
Page load times are faster than usual and the protection system provides a solution to large attacks.
Without turning on protection mode
Without turning on protection mode
Our system is always in the protection mode and it does not matter at all, our system knows how to detect and block incoming bots / attempts.
The website owner is not required to do anything, just redirect the DNS to our servers.
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