What is Wordpress and why to use it?

What is Wordpress?
Many web developers ask themselves if they should open a Wordpress-based website, or even in particular cases change a well-built website on a different system to the Wordpress system. In this article, we will discuss whether you should or shouldn't use Wordpress system for your site.

What is Wordpress?

Before we talk about the advantages of the Wordpress system, we need to have a basic understanding of what is Wordpress.

Most people think that Wordpress is a blog system only. Truthfully, the Wordpress system is ideal for a blog or different news sites. But due to the fact that we are talking about an open source system, Wordpress fastly became ideal for many types of sites.

What is 'open source' system?
The term 'open source' means that anyone can edit and publish the system code and make any modification he wants in it.

The various options that available to anybody who encounters this system are mainly thanks to the huge community of plug-in developers. Many of them publish them, some of them are free, others are purchasable. Those plug-ins enable you to change your Wordpress site to any kind of site you want.

Wordpress websites are limitless

Thanks to the large community of plug-in developers, on the internet there is a wide variety of plug-ins that enable you to build any kind of site you want. Here are some types of sites that are Wordpress based that you probably ran into in the past without noticing it.

Web store

We do not live in the past. Today most of the purchasing is made through the internet. As web developers and website owners, you can open internet shop with  Wordpress system pretty easily. If you install a shop plug-in on your Wordpress website, you will get a fully developed online shop, which includes catalogs, product pages, and automatic purchasing system throw Paypal, Credit cards and other common methods. A simple plug-in as this can cost several dollars a month, and save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars you would spend if you hire a developer to build one from scratch for you.

News sites

Although it is very likely that news sites will use Wordpress system, many people do get surprised a bit as they discover that many sites they know use Wordpress. As we all know, this system is known for its user-friendly posts system that is perfect for the concept of news websites. That's the reason why many successful news companies use Wordpress for their websites.

List of websites which are using Wordpress. Surprised?
  • BBC America·
  • MTV News
  • Microsoft News Center
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • The New York Times


For the most of us, it's clear as crystal why blogs use Wordpress. However, many web developers know that Wordpress has many competitors in its market. Those competitors usually offer the same services Wordpress offers. Luckily for Wordpress, those competitors are not able to compete Wordpress out of the game, thanks to its large community of developers and the huge number of plug-ins available for the system.

As we mentioned before, the success of Wordpress is thanks to its active and large community of developers that each day publish and update its plug-ins. Those plug-ins can be downloaded for free or be purchased for a specific amount of money.

Did you know?
As to the year of 2017, 22.5% of the websites over the internet is based on the Wordpress system.

Some of the plug-ins are rather small and not meant to change your site completely. To be honest, most of the plug-ins are rather small and simple, like a comment system or newsletter system. There are plug-ins that help you to write articles that are SEO friendly. They give you highlights on how you should write a text that can help you get better results in the different search engines.

Designing your website have never been easier

Wordpress is known for its simple and user-friendly management panel. The Wordpress's management panel is pretty simple and contains many options. One of the options available to you is the ability to design your website. You can change existing template, download new one or even buy well designed, coded template.

What is a Wordpress template?
Wordpress template is a Wordpress website design that you able to change through the admin panel as you like. You are able to completely change the template as well.

People that are not familiar with coding or website design softwares are able to modify the design of their Wordpress website through a convenient, basic interface. They can change color, change the layout of the functions available on the site, add or change photos, and change the main colors of the site as well. As for the coders and designers, they are able to look into the code and to change the site design or layout out of there.

Wordpress contains a lot of options that many people do not even aware of. Tens of thousands web developers recommend using this particular system for the simple reason – it's the ideal website system for new and old website developers. 
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